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Ed's Monthly Update | October

October 06, 2021

September has been a fun month of education. Years ago, dad taught me to service tools before embarking on a project. A good story is the lawnmower lesson, where we (me) mowed half the yard first. Next, dad showed me how to take the lawn mower blade off, sharpen it and put it back together. Finally, we mowed the rest of the lawn. The first half felt like I had to dig in and push the mower, the second half felt like the mower guided itself. It was a game changer. We didn’t have to sharpen the blade every time, but we would sharpen it before we had to push.

Now let’s fast forward to 2021 and apply that lesson today. I like to “sharpen the blade” when it comes to my craft, which is continuous education in my specialty. This helps me guide clients in the right direction, not push. September 9 - 10 Crown Capital Securities, LP. had an educational conference at the Newport Beach Hyatt. Yes, woe is me. I was fortunate to be invited to this forum. Here I got to listen to different presenters teaching a specialty. I knew most of what was taught and

picked up a few nuggets. The highlight was listening to an Economist from PIMCO talk economic things. It was refreshing to hear someone speaking Econ Geek. I felt good knowing that humble Ed Haro with millions of dollars under management is on par with a company that has gazillions under management.

The fun stuff. The Newport Beach Hyatt is a beautiful gem here in Orange County. The view is

 beautiful in every direction, the rooms are out of sight, and the food is better than average. If you don’t know, I enjoy the occasional cigar. Today we are enjoying the taste of a Monte Cristo # 2 paired with a Blonde Roast coffee. The Hyatt has an incredible smoking section with a breeze and a pleasant view. The pool is huge, clean and has a water slide. I had the most wonderful opportunity to spend time with the CEO and President of Crown and their family at a cabana. I am a Hyatt member and if you’re in my neck of the woods, let’s have lunch, dinner, or a smoke. With hard work comes time to play. Saturday, September 18th, a few high school friends, and I went to the World-Famous Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood to see another high school friend play. Our friend Johnny Martin from LA Guns played bass for Tiffany. Tiffany had a #1 hit in the 80’s titled, “I Think We’re Alone Now”. It was a fun night. I tell you what, I can write a song titled, “I think I’m getting old Now”. The main act went on at 11:00 PM and the show ended at 12:30 AM. The days of getting home after 1:00 AM are pretty much over. It was worth hearing Johnny doing his thing.

We hope you have fun, safe, and Happy Halloween.