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Imperial Star Destroyer

March 01, 2023


Who remembers when Star Wars first came out? My dad took my brother, Chris, and I to the La Mirada Theaters to see this epic movie. Back in 1977, it was the most amazing film with the special effects and space scenes. That Christmas, Santa brought us a X-Wing Fighter, Tie Fighter, Land Speeder, and action figures. We would trade off being Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. These new toys replaced our old school Lego.

Last Spring both worlds collided and the ultimate Starship was built. Item number 75192, the Millennium Falcon a 7,541 piece gem of a super Lego kit was completed. 

The Falcon is currently docked at our Office space port. Visitors that come by our port have remembered their youth of playing with Lego and watching Star Wars. Some have voiced their desire to build something this magnificent, but don't have a space port big enough. So we got to thinking, how can we share this experience and make it a team building exercise? How can we include our guests who visit to participate in a build of this scale? 

We have been sitting on Lego's Imperial Star Destroyer, which comprises of 4,784 pieces. BAM! We brought the Star Destroyer to our space port and now share in the experience with our guests. This Starship building has given our guests the opportunity to bring back childhood memories. As an added bonus it has given all of us a team building experience!

We encourage you to stop by and contribute to the construction of our Imperial Star Destroyer. It is currently being constructed pretty fast. When this beauty is completed, we have our eye on a 9,090 piece Titanic kit you can join in on. Give us a call and schedule a moment to join in the fun!